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boost your city ride

Cult “café racers” was created in the 50s and 60s in London, where owners of motorcycles were rebuilding their motorcycles at home in the garage to make them as fast and light as possible and of course with custom designe, so every bike was unique. People used vehicles like city motorcycles and used them to race between coffee shops to see who would be there the fastest, and this is where the name cafe racers came from and became widely spread all over the world.


Thanks to the electric drive and easy control, it is ideal for commuting around the city, which is its natural territory. Easy start cycling and feel the boost of the 250W engine which helps you go uphills and have a smooth ride through the city.

Made in Czech

In the spirit of legendary motorcycles, we hand-produce timeless e-bikes for a relaxed and ecological ride through the city.

Legal on bike paths

Thanks to the eBike classifications you can legally ride on Prague bike paths which leads to unusual local places. Discover parks, views, and riverside from the seat of a stylish E-CAFE bike!

Iconic Design

Each E-CAFE BIKE is an original city e-bike, born to perform with timeless design. E-CAFE BIKE is built from the ground up to outperform all other electric bikes on the market.

Premium Quality

Handcrafted, built from the best quality components with passion.

Max. speed & range

25 km/h max. speed (EU street legal) Mileage per charge up to 250 km

Unique startup electric scooter built for pure riding joy in Germany. The company started on, where SCROOSER amazed people with original & attractive design. Wide tires are safest for riding in all terrain you can meet in the city and thanks to the self-balanced system with flat tires is SCROOSER extremely stable and standing itself on the ground. You can sit down or stand up depending on your preference. We are happy as the first worldwide to offer you sightseeing tours on this super fun one-of-a-kind electric scooter called SCROOSER!

Made in Germany

SCROOSER is designed, engineered and made in Germany.


Easy speed up with you right hand accelerator and feel the boost of electric power.

Premium Quality

High quality components, steel frame, led lights, easy to handle accelerator and hydraulic brakes will make your ride safe and enjoyable at the same time.


The SCROOSER has a unique riding experience due to its wide tires and the low center of gravity. This allows the rider to steer through body weight and enables stable riding even at low speed. The SCROOSER also stands on flat ground by itself.

Max. speed & range

Max. speed is 25km/h, max. range 50km / per charge, engine 500W, charging 4 hours. Max. allowed weight is 130kg.

Legal on bike paths

SCROOSER is perfect for riding on the road but also legal on Prague bike paths! Safe, solid, stable and fun to ride.

choose your preferred tour and bike!

Enjoy fun, taking photos, get to know the history of Prague a much more! Choose one of our tours on premium electric bicycle E-CAFE or electric scooter called SCROOSER!

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